Real Estate Investment Specialists

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Tier 1 - Full Time Real Estate Investor:

Real Estate Investing is your career.  You want help finding the properties to buy and help selling the finished product, but you'll do the rest.

Tier 2 - Partially Active Real Estate Investor:

You have a full time job and want to diversify your investments.  You'd like to flip a house or two and maybe own a few rental properties.  You want some level of guidance.

Tier 3 - Just Invest My Money, and Send My Check:

You want to diversify your wealth through real estate, however, you don't want to be involved in how it gets done.  You want to earn good returns on your investing, and be briefed on progress.

The Sachs Group can help you build wealth, no matter what your financial goals are, regardless of how much you want to be involved.

Three Tiers

Earn wealth through real estate

  • Buy Distressed Property, Renovate and Sell for Profit
  • Buy Distressed Property, Renovate and Rent for Profit
  • Buy Land, Improve and Sell for Profit
  • Buy Land, Build Houses and Sell for Profit

This is what the Sachs Group helps investors do everyday, all day.